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Mi’kmaq Stories: Past and Present

For grades 3-6 / 7-9
Date & Location TBA
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Created by Mi’kmaq artists (including film-maker Catherine Martin, storyteller shalan joudry, and performer/film-maker Trevor Gould), with design by artist Jordan Bennett, Mi’kmaq Stories: Past and Present weaves stories from the past with glimpses into current realities and dreams for the future.

Directed by Tessa Mendel with Trevor Gould, this blend of Indigenous voices and stories will be a truly unique experience for young audiences.

 Stay tuned for show times.

Mi’kmaq Stories: Past and Present
relates to the following Curriculum Outcomes:

– Investigate the role of culture in Mi’kmaq communities and the impact of cross-cultural understanding
– Comprehend and respond personally and critically to culturally diverse texts.
– Reflect on issues surrounding human rights, social justice and equity.
– Listen and interact purposefully and respectfully
– Interpret, respond and reflect on thoughts, ideas, and emotions through multiple media formats.

Additionally for Grades 7-9
– Develop an understanding of culture, diversity, and world view, recognizing the similarities and differences reflected in various personal, cultural, racial and ethnic perspectives.
– Develop an understanding of the interdependent relationship among individuals, societies, and the environment and the implications for a sustainable future.
– Develop an understanding of the past and how it affects the present and the future.
– Develop an understanding of Mi’kmaw values and culture.

Spelling 2-5-5

Due to the ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the production of Spelling 2-5-5, originally scheduled for May 2020, has been cancelled.


Participation Guide

In order to create the fullest experience possible for your students, we offer participation packages, which will be sent electronically to each teacher bringing students to the performance.

These participation packages include guidelines for attending theatre, which will help your students know what is expected of them. They also include discussion points to introduce the play to students before attending the performance, and to explore the themes in the play with students after they see it. Suggested activities include both visual art explorations and exercises using forms of drama.


Post-Show Discussions

Performances will be followed by talk-back sessions with the actors and members of the design team, which will allow students to explore questions about the play and about theatre that interest them.

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