We have two shows for schools this Spring 2019!

Art Attakk!

Touring April 1st – 12th, $650/show (Appropriate for Grades 3-6)

To book or for more info:  htypinfo@gmail.com

Now touring: Three short plays by Nova Scotian playwrights inspired by original Nova Scotian art!  Art Attakk! is a “vibrant and fascinating mix of art and theatre”. This funny and endearing show includes a hip hop musical, the story of an unexpected friendship and a eulogy for a cat! Art Attakk! hits kids where they live and demonstrates that art and creativity can help us understand, accept, and express our emotions and connect with others.


Art Attakk! addresses the following 3 – 6 Curriculum Outcomes:

English Language Arts   

*Learn to respond critically to a range of texts, applying their knowledge of language, form and genre.

*Interact with sensitivity and respect, considering cultural  contexts, audience, purpose, and situation.

*Explore, clarify and reflect upon thoughts and  experiences.

Health Education

*Develop awareness that values are an integral part in  making healthy decisions and fostering healthy behaviour

*Develop awareness of the link between positive   self‐identity and making healthy decisions that affect  relationships and care of self

Visual Arts

*Reflect upon and develop respect for art and art making

*Examine a broad range of artworks through time and cultures

* Seek personal meaning in  artwork and communicate their discoveries

*Explore art as a way of expressing ideas and points of view


*Consider possible consequences of decisions, judgments, and solutions to problems and begin to accept responsibility for actions.


School Matinee shows happening May 16th & 17th at 10:30am at Sir James Dunn Theatre, $8/student

Brundibár is an opera written for children and performed at the Theresienstadt Concentration Camp. No more than forty minutes long, it was composed in 1938 by Hans Krása, with lyrics by Adolf Hoffmeister and received its premiere in German-occupied Prague at the Jewish Orphanage before the mass transports of Jews to Theresienstadt began in 1942. 

Directed by Halifax Theatre for Young People’s Artistic Director Tessa Mendel, with musical direction by Eszter Horvath, the production will feature professional musicians, including Scott MacMillan and members of Symphony Nova Scotia, children from the local community and professional set and lighting designers. The production, along with an educational component, guest speakers and a photography exhibit will take place at Sir James Dunn Theatre in May, 2019 with performances for both schools and the public.


To book or for more info:  htypinfo@gmail.com




Red Fish
A Comedy About Depression

$650/show, or $1000 for two shows –per one school-,
(Appropriate for Grades 6-10)

To book or for more info: http://performns.ca or  htypinfo@gmail.com


Liz and Ethan are navigating the pitfalls of being a teenager in 2016, while dealing with their own depression and anxiety. Along the way they meet the Superhero Red Fish who claims he’s only here to help them… but what happens when our innermost voice becomes our worst enemy?



Redfish relates to the following Healthy Living curriculum outcomes:

* distinguish between positive and negative peer influence and acquire skills for resisting/asserting oneself in negative peer influence

* examine the role of bystander in cases where a peer/friend is experiencing emotional, physical, psychological harm

* analyze their health needs in times of change and apply strategies that enhance their capacity to manage change in their lives

* identify healthy and unhealthy relationships and demonstrate assertiveness skills to communicate thoughts and feelings within primary relationships

* demonstrate positive self-identity that effectively enables them to manage their health, relationships, and interactions with the world

* recognize the warning signs of depressive disorders and the importance of seeking help for these disorders

* think critically and make informed decisions to enhance health of self, those around oneself, and within a global context

* demonstrate effective communication and interpersonal skills that facilitate positive relationships between themselves and the world

* critically analyze industry’s impact on body image

* recognize the impact that substance use can have on mental health issues, including depression and anxiety


Participation Guide

In order to create the fullest experience possible for your students, we offer participation packages, which will be sent electronically to each teacher bringing students to the performance.

These participation packages include guidelines for attending theatre, which will help your students know what is expected of them. They also include discussion points to introduce the play to students before attending the performance, and to explore the themes in the play with students after they see it. Suggested activities include both visual art explorations and exercises using forms of drama.


Post-Show Discussions

Performances will be followed by talk-back sessions with the actors and members of the design team, which will allow students to explore questions about the play and about theatre that interest them.

For more information: email  htypinfo@gmail.com