Mi’kmaq Stories: Past & Present

We’re hard at work to bring our original production of Mi’kmaq Stories: Past & Present to the stage and livestream.

Created by Mi’kmaq artists (including film-maker Catherine Martin, storyteller shalan joudry, and drummer/dancer/film-maker Trevor Gould), with design by artist Jordan Bennett, Mi’kmaq Stories: Past and Present weaves stories from the past with glimpses into current realities and dreams for the future. Directed by Tessa Mendel with Trevor Gould, this blend of Indigenous voices and stories will be a truly unique experience for young audiences.

We’re partnering with Ship’s Company Theatre to bring Mi’kmaq Stories: Past and Present to audiences:

October 1st, 2021 Treaty Day – 1pm special school showing – live-streamed to schools across Nova Scotia

October 2, 2021 – 2pm – Live, in-person Pay-What-You-Can performance PLUS livestream performance


Production Credits – Mi’kmaq Stories

Writers/ Creators: Trevor Gould, shalan joudry, & Catherine Anne Martin

With poetry by: Rita Joe and Rebecca Thomas

Co-directors: Trevor Gould & Tessa Mendel

Art/ Co-design: Jordan Bennett

Co-design: Katrin Whitehead

Cast: Brady Googoo, Laurie Fleet, Noel Julian, Anna Nibby-Woods, & Shelly Woods

Stage Management: Laurie Fleet

Carpenter: James Woodhouse

Administration: Riley Reign

Thanks: Millbrook Heritage Centre and Susan Stackhouse

For schools:

Special Live Streaming Oct. 1 for Treaty Day!

Halifax Theatre for Young People is offering a special live-streamed presentation (from Ship’s Co. Theatre, Parrsboro) of the premiere of our production of Mi’Kmaq Stories: Past & Present. This is being offered to schools throughout Nova Scotia on Oct 1st at 1:00 PM and will be followed by a live Q and A. Created by Mi’kmaq artists (including film-maker Catherine Martin, poet/storyteller Shalan Joudry, and performer/film-maker Trevor Gould), with art by award-winning artist Jordan Bennett, Mi’kmaq Stories: Past and Present weaves stories from the past with glimpses into current realities and dreams for the future. Co-directed by Trevor Gould and Tessa Mendel, with an all Mi’kmaq cast, this blend of Indigenous voices and stories will be an enlightening  experience for young audiences at this pivotal time in our history. 

Suitable for all ages, recommended for ages 8 – 12.

The performance will be live streamed across Mi’kma’ki at 1:00 PM on October 1st. Duration one hour. The price is $50/class or $350 for the whole school, but we don’t want to leave anyone out! If you can’t afford the full price please contact Perform coordinator Pam Halstead at coordinator[@]performns.ca to make arrangements. Msit No’kmaq –  All My Relations!

Brundibár: A Children’s Opera – Digital Offering

A photo of HTYP's production of Brundibár: A Children’s Opera featuring a girl on sttage with braids and a light coloured dress standing next to a boy in a cap, shorts, and suspenders, next to an adult with a cardboard device and two children in red caps and vests sitting on the ground. In the background is a symphony.

For grades 3-6 / 7-9
Available to stream FREE to your school now!
See Schools for more info.

“Brundibár” is a half-hour opera (performed in English), about children embracing the power of music and friendship. “Brundibár” originally received its premiere in German-occupied Prague at the Jewish Orphanage before the mass deportations of Czech Jews to Theresienstadt concentration camp began in 1942. There, composer Hans Krása reconstructed the music for the available instruments from a smuggled-in copy of the score, and it was performed 55 times in the camp – a source of hope and resistance to the prisoners – until the children, the composer, director and musicians were sent to Auschwitz following the final performance.

Despite the background of its creation, the opera itself is light-hearted and provides an excellent opportunity to introduce children and youth of all ages to the topic of the Holocaust and racial discrimination, and the need to work together to defeat oppression. The opera tells the story of children who sing in the marketplace to raise money for their sick mother, but are chased away by the organ player, Brundibár. With the help of animal and bird friends, as well as other children, they defeat Brundibár and continue to sing. All watching understood that Brundibár represented Hitler and were uplifted, even momentarily, by the fact that good could triumph over evil.

Directed by Tessa Mendel and conducted by Eszter Horvath with a cast of young performers from across HRM and an orchestra of local musicians including Scott Macmillan and members of Symphony Nova Scotia, this award-nominated production played at the Sir James Dunn Theatre at Dalhousie University in May of 2019. The digital program is a broadcast of the production, with subtitles, with an introduction by the director, who explains the context of the performance, and a short segment where the performers talk about what performing the show meant to them. All told, the video lasts about 45 minutes. We will also provide a study guide, with more detailed information about the show, the performers, and the context of the work.

This program is aimed at students in grades 3-8, and can be booked for any date and time that suits your school’s curriculum.

This program is booked through the PERFORM! program (http://performns.ca).

While schools booking a PERFORM program are traditionally asked to share in the cost, for 2021 ALL FEES will be paid by the PERFORM program (while funds last), so there is no cost to your school to book.

For more information about the program, click here.
To book a screening of “Brundibár” for your school, apply here.
Questions? Contact us at info@halifaxtheatreforyoungpeople.com