Mi’kmaq Stories available for schools again!

Last year Halifax Theatre for Young People’s production of Mi’Kmaq Stories: Past & Present was made into a film for schools throughout Nova Scotia. This year we are happy to announce that once again the film will be available all Mi’kmaq History Month for you and your class! 

Grade Levels: Appropriate for all ages, recommended for ages 8-12.

Duration: 45 minutes

Cost: $50/class or $300 for whole school

Show Dates: Digital Production available through Mi’kmaq History Month October 1 – October 31 

To book please go to: Perform – Mi’kmaq Stories: Past and Present

Mi’kmaq Stories: Past & Present weaves stories from the past with glimpses into current realities and dreams for the future. This blend of Indigenous voices and stories, with an all-Mi’kmaq cast, will be an enlightening experience for young audiences at this pivotal time in our history. These are new and traditional stories, written & created by Mi’kmaq artists Trevor Gould and Catherine Anne Martin with additional writing by Rita Joe, Shalan Joudry, and Rebecca Thomas.

Featuring: Brady Googoo, Laura Fleet, Noel Julian, Anna Nibby-Woods, Shelly Woods

Additional material (interviews, archival photos, images and music): Dozay Christmas, Gerald Gloade, Loretta Gould, Seth Doucette, Samqwan Boyz, Richard Poulette, Dr. Bernie Francis and Alan Syliboy.

Learning outcomes: Mi’kmaq Stories Learning Outcomes

Feedback from Teachers: 

Wow……in 40 minutes we gained so much important information… The power of it was very important…This presentation should be part of the grade 6 curriculum from here on out. –Sackville Heights Junior High

The students were all focused on it. It also fit in with what we were working on in the Curriculum… Bringing the Arts into Social Studies is fantastic. –Leslie Thomas Junior High

We watched & absolutely loved it, and had a lengthy discussion afterwards…I found it to be a great launching point to talk about Mi’Kmaq ways of knowing and being. –Sackville Heights Junior High 

My class watched it and were engaged the whole time. It created new conversations around the culture and our (modern day) abuse of the environment and resources… It was also awesome to see local Mi’kmaq Peoples portraying the roles! –Sackville Heights Junior High